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 luís soaresSegunda feira
Quando eu me encontrava preso Na cela de uma cadeia Foi que vi pela primeira vez As tais fotografias Em que apareces inteira Porém lá não estavas nua E sim coberta de nuvens...   Terra! Terra! Por mais distante O errante navegante Quem jamais te esqueceria?. (...)


 luís soaresSegunda feira
L.A. based cellist, singer and producer Kelsey Lu shares a breathtaking performance of ‘Blood’, the stunning title-track from her debut album.

Robbie Lawrence

 luís soaresSegunda feira
Robbie Lawrence is a freelance photographer based between Berlin and London. To get in touch email him at

Philip Metres - When I Was a Child, I Lived as a Child, I Said to My Dad

 luís soaresDomingo
Saint Paul was a jackass, my father muttered,keystroking his tank into position in “The Mother   Of All Tank Battles.”  I turned back to the screen,maneuvering pixilated tanks.  Each arrow key   altered trajectory, each cursor tap a tank blast. (...)

BWV 826

 luís soaresSábado
Johann Sebastian Bach - Piano Partita No. 2 In C Minor, BWV 826 / Ivan Bessonov

Natalie Scenters-Zapico - Neomachismo

 luís soares2019-04-19
To see if you're still alive, heat caramel in a pan until it spits asteroids onyour arms. Take good care of your burns. Your scars should never lastlonger than two years. Pain needs a clean slate to play on.   Wear a red dress & let men pull at it all night. (...)

Amanda Palmer: Tiny Desk Family Hour

 luís soares2019-04-18
Robin Hilton | When Amanda Palmer heard she'd have around 15 minutes for her Tiny Desk Family Hour performance, she assumed there wouldn't be time for most of the songs on her new album, There Will Be No Intermission, a sprawling masterwork with epic tracks clocking in at 10 minutes or more. (...)

Le violiniste bleu

 luís soares2019-04-18
Marc Chagall – Le violiniste bleu, 1929

Nadra Mabrouk - Brother as Younger Self, Humming

 luís soares2019-04-18
The streets of Shobra are still traced with music from years ago— children ripping the clothes off lines, pins scattering in a rounded clatter of sharp-throated wooden notes. It might have been a merging of Mohamed Fouad and Mohamed Mohy or Mohamed Fawzi, and my brother (also a Mohamed) is sitting in the shimmering corner of our grandma’s balcony with one leg up. (...)


 luís soares2019-04-17
Emil Nolde - Herbstmeer XVII 1911

Soave sia il vento

 luís soares2019-04-17
Corinne Winters as Fiordiligi, Angela Brower as Dorabella and Johannes Martin Kränzle as Don Alfonso sing the Act I trio ‘Soave sia il vento’ in Jan Philipp Gloger's production of Così fan tutte.

Forrest Gander - The Sounding

 luís soares2019-04-17
What closes and thenluminous? What opensand then dark? And intowhat do you stumblebut this violetextinction? Withfroth on your lips.8:16 a.m. The morning’ssleepy face   rolls its millioneyes. Migrating flocksof your likesame speciesincandesceinto transparency. (...)


 luís soares2019-04-16
COUCOU CHLOE — GECKO   Track produced by coucou chloe Directed - Sam Ibram Editing - Aurelien Boisson Styling/Creative Direction - Lee Trigg DP - Sekou Abineri

Rivane Neuenschwander

 luís soares2019-04-16
Rivane Neuenschwander - Zé Carioca no. 4, A Volta de Zé Carioca (1960). Edição Histórica, Ed. Abril, 2004   Neuenschwander tackles the politics of Walt Disney by dismantling a historic edition of the popular Brazilian comic book Zé Carioca, created in 1941 when the animator visited South America to support American relations with the region during World War II. (...)

György Ligeti - Requiem 

 luís soares2019-04-16
György Ligeti - Requiem    Makeda Monnet, soprano / Victoire Bunel, mezzo-soprano Chœur National Hongrois / Csaba Somos, Chef de chœur Orchestre du Conservatoire de Paris / Ensemble intercontemporain Matthias Pintscher, direction    Enregistré en direct le 07. (...)

Willa Cather - Paris

 luís soares2019-04-15
Behind the arch of glory sets the day; The river lies in curves of silver light, The Fields Elysian glitter in a spray Of golden dust; the gilded dome is bright, The towers of Notre Dame cut clean and gray The evening sky, and pale from left to right A hundred bridges leap from either quay. (...)

Into U

 luís soares2019-04-15
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You   I want to hold the hand inside youI want to take a breath that's trueI look to you and I see nothingI look to you to see the truthYou live your life, you go in shadowsYou'll come apart and you'll go blindSome kind of night into your darknessColors your eyes with what's not there   Fade into youStrange you never knewFade into youI think it's strange you never knew   A stranger's light comes on slowlyA stranger's heart without a homeYou put your hands into your headAnd then its smiles cover your heart   Fade into youStrange you never knewFade into youI think it's strange you never knewFade into youStrange you never knewFade into youI think it's strange you never knewI think it's strange you never knew   Richard X feat. (...)

Fade Into You

 luís soares2019-04-15
Official music video for "Fade Into You" (1080p Version) by American alternative/dream pop band Mazzy Star. Directed by Kevin Kerslake. © 1993 Capitol Records & Universal Music Recordings. From the album "So Tonight That I Might See"

O'Hara Nude with Boots

 luís soares2019-04-15
Larry Rivers - O'Hara Nude with Boots, 1954   In this taboo-busting, whimsical work from 1954, the poet Frank O'Hara, Rivers's close friend and sometimes lover, is revealed in full-length posture standing naked - a better term than nude - with his arms clasped on top of his head, gazing unabashedly at the viewer. (...)

Iceblink Luck

 luís soares2019-04-13
Cocteau Twins - Iceblink Luck A single from the album 'Heaven Or Las Vegas'. Cocteau Twins are Elizabeth Fraser (vocals), Robin Guthrie (guitars) and Simon Raymonde (bass).

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